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      Please don't email us asking if we are accepting submissions. The answer is YES! (Send to info@thetrihub.com) But be sure to stay within the realm of the topics below. Your article should speak to triathletes and/or runners, experienced as well as beginners. Our audience is already knowledgeable in general fitness so please spare yourself the trouble if that's your angle.

      What does our audience love to read about?


      Practical, highly focused articles that show how to utilize the power of the mind to overcome challenges associated with triathlon. We’re always looking for personal success stories of real people who have gone through a crises in life to victory, advice about general healthy lifestyle, relationships, family, work, and life balance.


      Articles showing the reader how to achieve better fitness and become a more efficient athlete through utilizing nutrient dense foods. As advocates of a plant-based diet we find it important to include a variety of unprocessed foods from plant sources with minimal amounts of organic, ethically raised local meats and fish.


      Articles focusing on all aspects of swim, bike, and run training. Advice and tips on strength training and yoga for endurance athletes.


      Gear and apparel guides and reviews.

      Race Reports

      Athlete profiles, race reports, as well any of your triathlon related travel stories.

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        The Tri Hub™ is looking for original posts which have not been published or blogged on a different platform.

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        Although there is no minimum, ideal posts will typically range between 300-800 words. Please try to keep it to 2-5 sentences per paragraph and use headers for subtopics.

      • Topics

        We encourage our writers to offer insightful tips on some aspect of triathlon which falls within one of our five categories: 1) Mindset, 2) Nutrition 3) Training 4) Gear 5) Race Reports. Featured writers will give advice to fellow triathletes by sharing their personal stories, mind-blowing experiences, challenges and triumphs, compelling life lessons, recipes, athlete-interviews, or anything that’s really struck a chord with them.

      • Style

        We are looking for positive, lively, mindful, personable writers who project a curious, invigorating and easy-to-read voice that captures the experience of triathlon (life of a triathlete). We don’t accept a preachy or know-it-all tone, or posts that promote products or services not aligned with our values.
        We want to make our articles very easy to read, so please stay away from large paragraphs. Lists, bullet points, photos, info graphics or smaller paragraphs (using one to three sentences) do exceptionally well, so make it easy on the eye for others, especially in your intro.

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        Please email your posts in the body of the email, with subject line “Write for us”. We do get a high volume of submissions, so if you do not receive a response within 14 days, try resubmitting at a later time. If your work is published, you agree that our editorial team has full discretion to edit your post as needed.

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