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Let’s be honest… You’re not average.

You love to challenge yourself.

That’s why you got into triathlon in the first place.

You love engaging in a sport others can’t even fathom.

You choose to live life on the pinnacle rather than on the couch.

And let’s face it...it feels good to know that you have the self discipline and persistence that others, well, don’t.

But... balancing triathlon and life can feel overwhelming.

And while we know you already have what it takes to win, you need a strong plan to get you there.

Regular $149.00

NOW $52.00

PDFs of Both 16 & 20 Week Plans

Ask Yourself...

Do I really know how to maximize my training to achieve best results?

Am I balancing swim, bike and run effectively?

Am I under or over-training?

      • Peace of mind with pre-planned workouts laid out in advance
      • Easy to follow flexible format to help you balance training with work and life
      • Proven formula for success with plan designed by an 9x Ironman Finisher


      Peter Kadzielawski, 9x Ironman Top 1.2% All World Athlete

      • Mobile friendly four or five month easy-to-follow PDF training guide
      • Weekly total training time ranges between 7 hrs at base, peaking at 13 hrs including one full day off each week
      • Instructions include a combination of intensity, distance and/or time within each training session
      • Each month is structured with a three week build, followed by one lighter week to help the body absorb the training


      Everyone was impressed with my condition and how I wasn't insanely fatigued right after my half Ironman. I told them it was because of the training plan I followed. Thank you so much!!

      70.3 Finisher

      Followed your plan almost to the letter. My son and I completed our first Olympic triathlon yesterday. Who would have thought? I'm 51, used to be 40 lbs overweight and I decided to take this on as my goal. Thank you.

      Olympic Triathlon Finisher

      Regular $149.00

      NOW $52.00

      PDFs of Both 16 & 20 Week Plans

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