Winter Favorites GIVEAWAY ($900 Value)

  Winter has made it’s way here, and while we miss the summer, we also love the smell of pumpkin spice in the air and training runs in the snowy wonderland! And to celebrate winter, The Tri Hub is having a BIG BLOWOUT giveaway! Thanks to our generous contributors this whole giveaway is valued at $900,…

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Maintain Fitness this Holiday Season

Woman run in winter landscape road

The holiday season has arrived, and for many of us the winter months mean more travel, errands, and family time all while trying to squeeze in some training. Fitness doesn’t have to take a backseat during the holiday months. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) allows extra time for you to enjoy family and finish those…

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Conscious Fueling for Faster Recovery & Increased Performance


It’s a no-brainer that putting the time into your training will get you to increase your performance on race day. But what about putting the time and effort into your daily nutrition? Fueling for your training sessions doesn’t just extend to taking in the right amount of calories during your workout. Eating food that will make you…

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How I Got My Groove Back: 10 Tips for New Runners

Photo @fredgoris 3

Photo: @fredgoris I signed up for my first marathon in 2010 after a break-up. Instead of shaving my head Britney-style, I registered for the NYC Marathon to raise money for the MS Society. I needed a goal. I needed to shock my body. I had no idea what I was in for. Training for the…

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Running Track Etiquette Tips For Newbies

Photo: @tigertoes

Photo: @tigertoes 1. Run counterclockwise. Unless otherwise posted, run against the clock dial. Warm-ups and cool downs are sometimes done clockwise in the outer lanes. 2. Changing lanes, the track is like a highway -Fastest on the left and slowest on the right. The inside lanes (1 and 2) are intended for folks doing speed work…

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Endurance Hour Podcast #125, Roger’s Kona Race Recap

endurance hour

In this episode Dave and Roger are back on the mainland together to recap Roger’s race experience at the 2014 Ironman World Championship plus they answer questions posted on the Endurance Hour Facebook page. Sorry no video for this episode, but take a listen:   Roger Thompson’s Race Day at the 2014 Ironman World Championship in…

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5 Must-Do Half-Iron Workouts


Are you looking to up your half-iron game or are you signed up for your first half-iron this year? These five workouts are keys to your success at this challenging distance. Here you’ll find the why, the how, and all the details on how to execute each of these workouts. 1. 50(30)/6 Race-Specific Bricks Why:…

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6 Tips to Remedy The Former-Runner “Syndrome” and Improve Bike Split

Triathlete cycling on a bicycle

You’ve been a runner for as long as you can remember. You’ve got several marathons under your belt. You’re lean and mean and proud of it. You’ve worked hard to be in this good of shape. You did your first triathlon, a local sprint, and had a blast a few months ago. You just did…

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9 Qualities of Highly Successful Ironman Triathletes


1. They treat their training as seriously as they would their job Although training for an Ironman Triathlon does not require the same time commitment as a full time job, it does take the same attitude and respect. You have to be proactive, consistent, and reliable. Think of it as a long term project that…

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3 Steps to Prepare for a Hot Triathlon

It’s the day of your big race. It’s a hot day, 93 degrees, and it’s very humid. When this day comes, will you thrive or will you melt? Let’s face it—If you will be racing this summer, the chances of this scenario becoming reality are quite high. If you race in the summer, it will…

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