Running Track Etiquette Tips For Newbies

Photo: @tigertoes

Photo: @tigertoes 1. Run counterclockwise. Unless otherwise posted, run against the clock dial. Warm-ups and cool downs are sometimes done clockwise in the outer lanes. 2. Changing lanes, the track is like a highway -Fastest on the left and slowest on the right. The inside lanes (1 and 2) are intended for folks doing speed work…

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5 Must-Do Half-Iron Workouts


Are you looking to up your half-iron game or are you signed up for your first half-iron this year? These five workouts are keys to your success at this challenging distance. Here you’ll find the why, the how, and all the details on how to execute each of these workouts. 1. 50(30)/6 Race-Specific Bricks Why:…

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9 Qualities of Highly Successful Ironman Triathletes


1. They treat their training as seriously as they would their job Although training for an Ironman Triathlon does not require the same time commitment as a full time job, it does take the same attitude and respect. You have to be proactive, consistent, and reliable. Think of it as a long term project that…

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8 Game-Changing Triathlon Training Rules

How long should I plan to build-up to a half-iron? How often should I do hill workouts? How much carbohydrate should I ingest during my races? How long should I chill out after my race season ends? These are all good questions— questions we are asked often. Of course, everyone is different, but we’ve got…

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The Ultimate Beginners Guide To Triathlons


I spent about 5 years of my life wanting to do a triathlon. I didn’t know how to do one, and I didn’t know anyone who had done one so I never did one. I thought triathlons were only for insane athlete types who could run marathons in 2 hours and hold their breath for 30…

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How to Train for Your First Triathlon


How to run, swim, and bike your way through the challenge of your life Is there any better ego booster than getting to say you’re a triathlete? Although the first triathlon happened just 40 years ago, the race has quickly become one of the definitive benchmarks of overall fitness, endurance, and athleticism. More intense than…

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6 Simple Ways to Run Faster


by Jennifer Cohen Races like 5Ks are all the rage, and more people than ever are running regularly to burn calories and get fit. After a few races, however, it’s easy to get caught in a running slump. People often train for longer distances to beat boredom, but speed training is a great way to…

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How to Achieve a Runner’s High


Science reveals how you can produce more feel-good chemicals while running. By K. Aleisha Fetters; Image by Dan Woodger Sometimes we get it, sometimes we don’t. But we always want it – and more of it. It’s the runner’s high, and when we are lucky enough to tap into it, our runs feel easy, exhilarating, even euphoric.…

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