The Journey Of A Plant Curious Ironman Triathlete


The Protein-centric Period When I first started working as a personal trainer in 2001 I followed a very traditional way of eating which was common in the fitness industry at that very time. I was surrounded by guys whose goals were to gain muscle, in fact my first mentor was a professional body builder. I…

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5 Remedies That Took Away My Achilles Tendon Pain

1. Running Break This seems like the most obvious step to take, but it was the most difficult part of the healing process. As athletes we can get pretty obsessed with our race goals and skipping a workout can seem like a last resort type of decision. You want to allow the tendon to rest…

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11 Ways to Get Over The Monotony Of Training

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 7.35.02 PM

When you get in a mental rut it’s always good to take a moment to think back and  remind yourself why you started in the first place. Chances are you had a legitimate reason for taking on triathlon and signing up for a specific race. But the months, or even years for some, of the…

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5 Reasons Why You Could Rock A Triathlon

Ironman Training

  We all tend to be afraid of what we don’t know or understand. Even if you don’t think you are triathlete material keep reading to see what type of person is a good fit for this sport. 1. If you already are an organized and structured person who is good at planning and following…

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Free Speed Most Age Group Triathletes Don’t Take Advantage Of


As triathletes we’re always looking to improve and go faster. We tend to look at how we can upgrade our gear to shave a few seconds off our total time. Or maybe we just keep increasing the intensity in our training to get more fit for race day. Both examples are effective, but many of…

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Not Just Another Triathlon: Superfrog 70.3

Peter Kadzielawski Running

Right from the check-in on Saturday this race had a different feel. Entering the secured Naval Base and driving by the guards in full military gear gave the Superfrog 70.3 experience a feeling of seriousness I have never experienced at any triathlon. The banners of fallen soldiers and their stories put things in perspective real…

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Triathlon Training With Injury


An injury can happen to anyone, and can easily put a large dent in your training plan execution. It can be mentally challenging going into a race knowing you have missed one of the most important workouts leading up to it. So what can  you do when the damage has been already done? How do…

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4 Tips To Improve Transition From Bike To Run

1st tip cover

  Often times us athletes become so focused on the big picture, and sometimes overlook the little things that could help us improve our overall race experience and time. Here are some tips you can immediately start implementing into your training and racing that can help with the struggles in the early stages of the…

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Enduring The Heat With Nuun

photo 3

Moving from Chicago to Phoenix can be pretty shocking for anyone. Especially an endurance athlete arriving in the hot desert in May, just in time for the valley’s hottest months of the year. Coming out of the Winter and Spring the 57°F felt very pleasant when leaving Chicago, three days later when arriving in Phoenix…

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8 Lessons I’ve Learned During Marathon Training


In March, I signed up for a 5k called Bacon Chase that took place in June (the lure being that you got unlimited bacon at the end). I figured by the time it rolled around, I’d be ready for it. So, of course, I proceeded to not prepare at all and then run it anyway…

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