Getting Back On The Bike


It’s May and races are starting. However, many of you are way behind in training and the thought of a race makes you shake your head. ”there is no way I am ready to race right now.” Heard that before. There are plenty of legitimate reasons for being in this situation however, the question is, What…

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Fitness Inspired Jewelry to Keep You Motivated Through Your Workout

photo 6

Wouldn’t it be nice to have some words of encouragement as your mind starts giving in during your race or workout? Sometimes when we’re at our physical limit, we need a sign to keep ourselves pushing forward towards our goal. This is what happened to Amy, the founder, as she was planking in her favorite fitness class,…

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5 Ways to Get More Distance Per Stroke


As I left the pool today, my swimming technique became very apparent to me. When I was younger, I was a competitive swimmer and distance per stroke wasn’t as important as speed and turnover rate. Now as a triathlete, that isn’t the case. As you know, you aren’t sprinting just 100 yards and stopping, but…

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Endurance Hour Video Podcast #128

endurance hour

Endurance Hour Podcast #128 In this episode Dave and Roger talk lens choices for sunglasses, how often you should change your helmet, on-course hydration, professional athlete sponsorship money, racing weight, mental strength vs. excuses.        

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Triathlon Motivational Quotes

Swim Bike Run Motivation: The 2014 collaboration from our @TheTriHub Instagram community.      

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How to Get Yourself Motivated


  How does one find the internal motivation to push through obstacles, and achieve goals? Where does real motivation come from, and how to create it? A few weeks ago, I was at a personal development conference in San Diego designed to help entrepreneurs spread their message to a broader audience and up-level their businesses.…

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9 Qualities of Highly Successful Ironman Triathletes


1. They treat their training as seriously as they would their job Although training for an Ironman Triathlon does not require the same time commitment as a full time job, it does take the same attitude and respect. You have to be proactive, consistent, and reliable. Think of it as a long term project that…

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Maintaining Work-Life Balance While Training for a Marathon or Ultramarathon / Ironman


It’s certainly doable – about 400,000 people do an Iron or Half Iron distance triathlon each year – and most of them have lots of work, family and other commitments. To find 20 hours or so of time to do your training, kit washing, getting ready, writing up your training log etc will come at…

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