Triathlon Training With Injury


An injury can happen to anyone, and can easily put a large dent in your training plan execution. It can be mentally challenging going into a race knowing you have missed one of the most important workouts leading up to it. So what can  you do when the damage has been already done? How do…

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4 Tips To Improve Transition From Bike To Run

1st tip cover

  Often times us athletes become so focused on the big picture, and sometimes overlook the little things that could help us improve our overall race experience and time. Here are some tips you can immediately start implementing into your training and racing that can help with the struggles in the early stages of the…

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Enduring The Heat With Nuun

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Moving from Chicago to Phoenix can be pretty shocking for anyone. Especially an endurance athlete arriving in the hot desert in May, just in time for the valley’s hottest months of the year. Coming out of the Winter and Spring the 57°F felt very pleasant when leaving Chicago, three days later when arriving in Phoenix…

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Getting Back On The Bike


It’s May and races are starting. However, many of you are way behind in training and the thought of a race makes you shake your head. ”there is no way I am ready to race right now.” Heard that before. There are plenty of legitimate reasons for being in this situation however, the question is, What…

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10 Most Common Bicycle Fitting Myths


Over the years, I have heard my share of bicycle fitting myths. It’s hard not to be succumbed to them with the internet hosting blogs and videos on ‘how to fit your bike’ by any person out there. By understanding these misconceptions about bike fitting, you can learn how to avoid things that could be…

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4 Simple Tips for Faster Bike Split

4 tips bike split

As beginner triathletes or first time Ironman athletes we tend to get intimidated by the distance that we will have to cover on race day. Training rides often times become about beating our own personal records in regards to the distance and simply trying to survive the planned milage. Here are four training tips to…

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5 Must-Do Half-Iron Workouts


Are you looking to up your half-iron game or are you signed up for your first half-iron this year? These five workouts are keys to your success at this challenging distance. Here you’ll find the why, the how, and all the details on how to execute each of these workouts. 1. 50(30)/6 Race-Specific Bricks Why:…

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9 Qualities of Highly Successful Ironman Triathletes


1. They treat their training as seriously as they would their job Although training for an Ironman Triathlon does not require the same time commitment as a full time job, it does take the same attitude and respect. You have to be proactive, consistent, and reliable. Think of it as a long term project that…

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8 Game-Changing Triathlon Training Rules

How long should I plan to build-up to a half-iron? How often should I do hill workouts? How much carbohydrate should I ingest during my races? How long should I chill out after my race season ends? These are all good questions— questions we are asked often. Of course, everyone is different, but we’ve got…

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