Cupcakes with Cal: Liz Blatchfold

Cupcakes with cal

Interview with an Australian professional triathlete and Ironman Champion, Liz Blatchford.  

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Cupcakes with Cal: Tim Berkel

Cupcakes with cal

Interview with an Australian professional triathlete, 3x Ironman champ, Tim Berkel.

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Maintaining Work-Life Balance While Training for a Marathon or Ultramarathon / Ironman


It’s certainly doable – about 400,000 people do an Iron or Half Iron distance triathlon each year – and most of them have lots of work, family and other commitments. To find 20 hours or so of time to do your training, kit washing, getting ready, writing up your training log etc will come at…

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Who is the Greatest Triathlete Ever and Why?


  Chrissie Wellington. Top Reasons: She is the only person to never lose at the Ironman distance. EVER! Not even on her first IM She’s run a 2:44 marathon while breaking the Ironman World Record. To put this in perspective, if she was American, a 2:44 marathon would qualify her for the US Olympic Trials…

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A Speed Building Workout for the Ironman Swim


By Steven Munatones  Swimming 2.4 miles in an Ironman seemingly requires a lot of long-distance freestyle workouts. But those who wish to be competitive often throw in some fast-pace, high-intensity sprints to balance out their pool training regime. The ability to shift gears from medium pace to a faster pace can help you get around…

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The Ultimate Beginners Guide To Triathlons


I spent about 5 years of my life wanting to do a triathlon. I didn’t know how to do one, and I didn’t know anyone who had done one so I never did one. I thought triathlons were only for insane athlete types who could run marathons in 2 hours and hold their breath for 30…

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How to Train for Your First Triathlon


How to run, swim, and bike your way through the challenge of your life Is there any better ego booster than getting to say you’re a triathlete? Although the first triathlon happened just 40 years ago, the race has quickly become one of the definitive benchmarks of overall fitness, endurance, and athleticism. More intense than…

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6 Simple Ways to Run Faster


by Jennifer Cohen Races like 5Ks are all the rage, and more people than ever are running regularly to burn calories and get fit. After a few races, however, it’s easy to get caught in a running slump. People often train for longer distances to beat boredom, but speed training is a great way to…

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How to Achieve a Runner’s High


Science reveals how you can produce more feel-good chemicals while running. By K. Aleisha Fetters; Image by Dan Woodger Sometimes we get it, sometimes we don’t. But we always want it – and more of it. It’s the runner’s high, and when we are lucky enough to tap into it, our runs feel easy, exhilarating, even euphoric.…

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