5 Must-Do Half-Iron Workouts


Are you looking to up your half-iron game or are you signed up for your first half-iron this year? These five workouts are keys to your success at this challenging distance. Here you’ll find the why, the how, and all the details on how to execute each of these workouts. 1. 50(30)/6 Race-Specific Bricks Why:…

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6 Tips to Remedy The Former-Runner “Syndrome” and Improve Bike Split

Triathlete cycling on a bicycle

You’ve been a runner for as long as you can remember. You’ve got several marathons under your belt. You’re lean and mean and proud of it. You’ve worked hard to be in this good of shape. You did your first triathlon, a local sprint, and had a blast a few months ago. You just did…

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3 Steps to Prepare for a Hot Triathlon

It’s the day of your big race. It’s a hot day, 93 degrees, and it’s very humid. When this day comes, will you thrive or will you melt? Let’s face it—If you will be racing this summer, the chances of this scenario becoming reality are quite high. If you race in the summer, it will…

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8 Game-Changing Triathlon Training Rules

How long should I plan to build-up to a half-iron? How often should I do hill workouts? How much carbohydrate should I ingest during my races? How long should I chill out after my race season ends? These are all good questions— questions we are asked often. Of course, everyone is different, but we’ve got…

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