Fitness Inspired Jewelry to Keep You Motivated Through Your Workout

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Wouldn’t it be nice to have some words of encouragement as your mind starts giving in during your race or workout? Sometimes when we’re at our physical limit, we need a sign to keep ourselves pushing forward towards our goal.

This is what happened to Amy, the founder, as she was planking in her favorite fitness class, she glanced at her wrist and right then realized that we could all use a piece of jewelry with some motivation. This is how Momentum was born. Bringing her passion for both fitness and jewelry, Amy embarked upon a journey that would create powerful and inspiring quotes engraved into sport fashion Motivate Wraps™, FootNotes™, suede cuffs, headbands, earrings, and necklaces.

The jewelry line is entirely workout-friendly, washable, lightweight and non-tarnishing. Now, you can sport your favorite motivation quote, and carry it with you to any kind of workout, whether that is a cycling session or a swim workout.

The best thing about Momentum is its involvement in helping spread a healthy lifestyle to young kids by donating 5% of its profits to the Action for Healthy Kids, which helps fight the national epidemic of childhood obesity.

You can learn more about the Momentum jewelry on their website over at or click on any of the photos:

Proudly proclaim your manifesto or motivation mantra to the world with these unique shoe charms!

Designed by fitness enthusiasts, the Motivate Wrap will keep you active during any workout, whether that is yoga, running or mountain climbing!

You can conquer any fitness goal with a Motivate Wrap!

Girl power!

Many quotes to choose from, or request a personalized one.

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